pluggin in
dignity falls 24th
every star walk
the blight on lonesome boys

panacea addict
dhyana (divides the circle)


there we both drive through the night
no words, just starin' in opposite directions
in my hopes we were so close, wrapped up so tight
this distance is raising every second of silence
every minute is violence

my heart is dead, but it won't stop beatin'
this stomach is empty, 'cause you stopped feedin'
my body is tired, sick and bleedin'
now this is what iget for feelin' more
wantin' more

there i sit, watch myself close down
haven't you seen i missed your smile?
too much time to think means too much time to suffer
with every other word you hit me right in the face
i fell so terribly flat on my face

and i never felt so addicted
never felt so insecure
never felt so addicted
you made me feel