pluggin in
dignity falls 24th
every star walk
the blight on lonesome boys

panacea addict
dhyana (divides the circle)

dhyana (divides the circle)

will you carry me, no matter what i'm up to?
a shallow breeze, though an image of what's to come

breathe in
don't seem to get ahead

the sweat, your hair glued to your face
restless inside
though worthwhile
still two edged
still worthwhile

promise i'll float in you. won't hesitate to drown me?
a numb swell, though an image of what's to come

come to me
embracing the chance to drag somebody down
like you did that to me over and over again
restless inside
lacking in ground
i revealed your promiscuous depths long ago

lay down like fallen leaves
dig yourself a little decent home
dig yourself a narrow awkward hole

watch me explode
wind me up if you don't mind
yet the squared circle lives on and on
and all that's left is a taste
and a precious silhouette